After decades of consulting and strategic planning across the United States and serving as a voluntary board member with development and revitalization focused non-profit and public organizations, Pegasus' president, Sean Garretson, pivoted Pegasus to focus equally on land development & planning.

Elgin, Texas


Farm-focused communities combine conservation-oriented, clustered housing with on-site farms, providing residents with fresh food grown right at their doorsteps. Pegasus is developing the first farm-focused community in Texas, in partnership with a rural historic preservation organization. EACO will include 80 owner-occupied units, off-the-grid water and energy resources, forested trails, a recreation and training center, and a 5-acre organic farm. The farm will produce fresh food for residents through a community-supported agriculture program. The 24-acre site is located less than 1 mile from the historic Downtown of Elgin, Texas, a growing city in the Austin MSA.

Austin, Texas

Located in East Austin, The Chicon Micro-Unit Housing Development utilizes mixed-use development and affordable housing. Pegasus President Sean Garretson serves as Board President and developer representative for the east Austin non-profit housing developer, Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation (CNRC).  CNRC is one of the oldest CHDOs (Community Housing Development Organizations) in Austin.  The Chiconwas created to help revitalize an important area of East Austin and provide affordable homeownershipo and commercial ownership. The development encourages alternative modes of transportation and a decreased dependency on automobiles, as it is a carless development. Residents can rent a communal car to use. 

CNRC was recently accepted into the Austin Housing Accelerator for its work on The Chicon project. 

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