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We have found that cities rarely examine the fiscal impacts of their land use decisions.  Our planning is grounded in this type of analysis.  We combine our analytics with our expertise in community engagement to help communities across the US improve themselves with an eye towards fiscal sustainability.


Downtowns, main streets, market squares, pubic plazas, warehouse districts- these commercial or mixed-use districts often formed the historical and economic origins of nearly every town in America. The 21st Century economy has a renewed interest in these areas because of their cultural significance, higher density building forms, historic architecture, walkability, diversity, and concentration of live-work-play options.


Strong towns need vital, mixed-use corridors that reflect the history, culture, and values of the community. Without a Main Street or a unique, active downtown district cities and towns can feel placeless and fail to attract or retain talented workers, innovative developers, and strong innovation-focused businesses and entrepreneurs. 


As planners & developers with public & private sector experience, we understand the challenges with aligning visions, funds, and partnerships to revitalize downtown areas and neighborhoods.

Services Include:

Downtown Market Analysis

Comprehensive and Strategic Planning

Financing and Funding Strategy

Stakeholder Assessment & Partnership Strategy

Past Projects:

DeSoto, Texas


Desoto is uniquely situated in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex, the fastest growing metro region in the United States. At a time of tremendous growth for the region, Pegasus was brought in to guide Desoto’s Hampton Road Redevelopment Project. The plan encompasses a three-part vision for the area, including the development of a mixed-use town center, a medical district with workforce housing, and a mixed-use Signature Destination. ​

In conjunction with an in-depth market analysis looking at elements such as existing conditions, the housing landscape, and the office and retail environment, Pegasus has provided a highest and best use analysis of all the city-owned properties along Hampton Road.  Pegasus is working with the City and EDC to implement Pegasus’ recommendations to guide the Hampton Road Redevelopment Project.

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas


Nearly a decade ago, Sean Garretson workd with Southern Bancorp to identify projects and revitalization opportunities for an 8-county region across the southeastern Arkansas Delta. Downtown Helena was a major part of this study because of its rich cultural and historical assets. Recently the same client reconnected with our team after hearing of our increasing interest in serving as a developer in revitalizing communities.


We are currently working to form & strengthen partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders to broaden the impact and reach of a multi-building rehabilitation effort for a number of unique, historic buildings in downtown Helena. We are working closely with the wonderful people of Helena and across the state to form a strategy built around opportunities in education, tourism, the music & entertainment industry, and small business/entrepreneurship to form the economic infrastructure to make these revitalized spaces successful. 


This effort is at a very early stage, but stay tuned to our Developmentspage and our blog for more information on our progress in this exciting endeavor to reconnect the Delta to our modern cultural consciousness. 

City of Stillwater, Oklahoma


The City of Stillwater hired Pegasus to continue building on recent successful implementation of downtown public improvements & infill programs spurring densification between Oklahoma State University and Main Street. Pegasus worked in partnership with architects at ADG and landscape architects of PDG to identify market opportunities and formulate a redevelopment revitalization strategy for two full city-owned blocks in the heart of downtown Stillwater.


Through extensive public outreach and stakeholder input our team facilitated the creation of a community-defined vision for improvements, new developments, and recommended programming for these important lots which included: a revamping of the existing Stillwater Community Center into a modern indoor-outdoor performing arts hub; boutique hotel & with events/meeting facilities; urban lofts; and small-scale retail and office space. 

Rendering courtesy of our partners at Halff Associates

City of Cleburne, Texas


For the past several decades, Cleburne was a sleepy town of 25,000 people located on the periphery of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With the coming development of a new toll-road network, Cleburne’s population is expected to double in the next ten to fifteen years. The City hoped to capture this area growth to strengthen and revitalize their downtown into a vibrant, commercial and cultural hub connected to area road and transit networks.


We were hired along-side Halff Associates to analyze the existing market conditions and economic drivers to determine how much projected growth and market potential could be captured downtown.  Based on our economic and market analysis, and by making recommendations related to urban design and priority reinvestment zones, Cleburne’s downtown will remain the heart of the community.


In the News: Cleburned Plan Awarded by American Planning Association-Midwest Section


City of Buda, Texas


With the completion of several major planning initiatives including a new Comprehensive Plan, Parks and Trails Plan, and our own Economic Development Strategic Plan, the City of Buda is taking poised to ignite their historic downtown and main street corridors with entertainment and commercial activity. Pegasus is providing additional guidance on economic development strategies and land development alternatives the city can take to catalyze investment and draw more Central Texans into Downtown Buda. 

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