We understand the increasingly stringent fiscal environment cities fac. Each tax dollar spent on new infrastructure or services should be made as an investment in an effort to the maximum positive public impact.  Concurrently, each land use decision should be made with an eye towards how it will impact a city's coffers. 

We analyze current and projected population and employment figures to determine market potential for everything from business services to proposed development projects. We design and implement studies that integrate qualitative and quantitative data to project precisely what your communities needs are and will be based on market realities.

Services Include:

Fiscal and Feasbility Analys

Labor Market Analysis 

Workforce Housing Analysis

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Past Projects:

Circle C Outpost, Texas


The Circle C Outpost is a unique eco-tourist resort concept within the Circle C Ranch Preserve, located just 15 minutes from downtown Austin. Instead of a traditional hotel, guests can stay in one of 25 Airstream trailers on five acres of land, surrounded by nature. Pegasus was brought in to conduct a full market feasibility study and forecasted revenues of over $1 million by the end of the fiscal year one. As a part of the study, Pegasus analyzed 11 similar projects and local tourism trends. Finding the project feasible, Pegasus also provided recommendations for diversifying revenue sources with additional amenities and services.

Boise Region, Idaho 


The College of Western Idaho is one of the largest and fastest growing community and technical colleges in the United States, and is the premier institution for workforce development in Soutwestern Idaho. However, in recent years alignment with industry needs in a fast-changing economy remains a challenge. Pegasus provided an extensive gap analysis of CWI's workforce development programs: identifying and projecting specific skill shortages in key employment areas (demand side analysis) and using the IPEDS database to quantify CWI's output of graduates across campuses (supply side analysis) to measure current and future training gaps. This study demonstrates CWI's continued commitment to building a 21st Centure workforce.

Meridian, Idaho 


We worked with Meridian to develop implementation plans for some of the catalyst projects recommended in our earlier study. We evaluated the developed of multiuse centers focused on anchor amenities for the Downtown, including conference center, performing arts, and hotel uses. We developed a plan that incorporates adaptive reuse of existing Downtown buildings and maximizes flexibility for the City. 

Meridian, Idaho 


We returned to Meridian to evaluate potential for their multifamily and condominium development. We examined the existing housing stock and growth rates for the city, and compared them to the Downtown area specifically. We interviewed officials and apartment developers in the region, and used this information to make conservative projections on Downtown housing demand. We also compared these projections to the existing zoning allowance in the study area.

Palacios, Texas


After completing demand analysis for a new waterfront hotel for the City of Palacios, we have returned to the city to assist in defining a strategy for a new catalyst projectto jumpstart tourism and economic development. The city's historic Pavilion is soon to be rebuilt and returned to its rightful place between a public beach and the city's major port. We are excited to advise the Palacios Beauitification Committee on how to leverage this investment to complete the recently completed Waterfront Master Plan.

City of Austin, Texas
Austin is a community renowned for its thriving arts community. Musicians, painters, filmmakers, and other creative types are the heart and soul of the city, and our goal is to serve not only this key population, but to improve the experience of place for all residents in our hometown. Our survey seeks to analyze the current housing needs and affordability status for Austin's creative sector, and to make recommendations to the city based on data and our findings. Our activism, along with that of many of our partners and housing organizations, aided in the passage of a $65 million affordable housing bond election in October 2013.

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