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Bowling Green-Warren County, Kentucky

The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce brought in Pegasus to faciltitate an innovative community-wide strategic plan. The process involved convening public, private, educational and non-profit entities to identify mutual goals, shared resources and ways and means that each entity's individual efforts and strategic plans might be more synergistic and interdependent. The region is blessed with tremendous institutional capacity and economic resource, but until this plan, these resources were divided and the institutions worked in silos. 


Elgin, Texas

Farm-focused communities combine conservation-oriented, clustered housing with on-site farms, providing residents with fresh food grown right at their doorsteps. Pegasus is developing the first farm-focused community in Texas, in partnership with a rural historic preservation organization. EACO will include 80 owner-occupied units, off-the-grid water and energy resources, forested trails, a recreation and training center, and a 5-acre organic farm. The farm will produce fresh food for residents through a community-supported agriculture program. The 24-acre site is located less than 1 mile from the historic Downtown of Elgin, Texas, a growing city in the Austin MSA.


Boise Region, Idaho

The College of Western Idaho is one of the largest and fastest growing community and technical colleges in the United States, and is the premier institution for workforce development in Soutwestern Idaho. However, in recent years alignment with industry needs in a fast-changing economy remains a challenge. Pegasus provided an extensive gap analysis of CWI's workforce development programs: identifying and projecting specific skill shortages in key employment areas (demand side analysis) and using the IPEDS database to quantify CWI's output of graduates across campuses (supply side analysis) to measure current and future training gaps. This study demonstrates CWI's continued commitment to building a 21st Centure workforce.

Meridian, Idaho


We worked with Meridian to develop implementation plans for some of the catalyst projects recommended in our earlier study. We evaluated the developed of multiuse centers focused on anchor amenities for the Downtown, including conference center, performing arts, and hotel uses. We developed a plan that incorporates adaptive reuse of existing Downtown buildings and maximizes flexibility for the City. 

Pegasus is currently analyzing market feasibility for a Private Developer in Weatherford, TX, which is a part of the Fort Worth Worth market. Pegasus is creating a Feasibility Study that is supporting the landscape architecture and site design work of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper out of their Plano office.

Weatherford, Texas

Pegasus is currently analyzing market feasibility for a Private Developer in Weatherford, TX, which is a part of the Fort Worth Worth market. Pegasus is creating a Feasibility Study that is supporting the landscape architecture and site design work of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper out of their Plano office.

Weatherford, Texas


Meridian, Idaho


We returned to Meridian to evaluate potential for their multifamily and condominium development. We examined the existing housing stock and growth rates for the city, and compared them to the Downtown area specifically. We interviewed officials and apartment developers in the region, and used this information to make conservative projections on Downtown housing demand. We also compared these projections to the existing zoning allowance in the study area.


Palacios, Texas


After completing demand analysis for a new waterfront hotel for the City of Palacios, we have returned to the city to assist in defining a strategy for a new catalyst project to jumpstart tourism and economic development. The city's historic Pavilion is soon to be rebuilt and returned to its rightful place between a public beach and the city's major port. We are excited to advise the Palacios Beauitification Committee on how to leverage this investment to complete the recently completed Waterfront Master Plan.


Meridian, Idaho


Pegasus and Point A Consulting provided market analysis and feasibility analysis for an Ag-Tech Innovation Campus in the City of  Meridian, Idaho. Meridian is a large and growing community located west of the capital of Boise. It sits in the rich agricultural region of the Treasure Valley. More recently, the MSA has witnessed expansion within the technology sector. As the city continues to grow economically and expand geographically into surrounding greenfield areas, the City is seeking a creative, harmonious balance between development and agricultural land preservation.


City of Buda, Texas


With the completion of several major planning initiatives including a new Comprehensive Plan, Parks and Trails Plan, and our own Economic Development Strategic Plan, the City of Buda is taking poised to ignite their historic downtown and main street corridors with entertainment and commercial activity. Pegasus is providing additional guidance on economic development strategies and land development alternatives the city can take to catalyze investment and draw more Central Texans into Downtown Buda. 


City of Palacios, Texas


Palacios is a small, coastal community in a region booming with job growth in energy and tourism industries. The Matagorda Bay Area is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world for fish and bird species. Local energy providers like STP Nuclear are planning for growth and expansion, while activity from the Eagle Ford Shale play is spilling over into the area as seen by the multi-billion dollar investments being made by Tenaris-Bay City, a flexible pipe supplier for natural gas fracking plants. Pegasus analyzed these trends and their impacts on current supply and levels of future demand for lodging and multifamily developments in the City.


City of Buda, Texas


When the City of Buda came to us looking for ways to help their community in the face of retail leakage and rapid growth, we analyzed their economic position and crafted solutions for expanding opportunities for economic growth. We created a plan to improve the quality of place for the residents of Buda and designed a plan for the town to create new jobs, increase retail development and retention, and create a more connected, vibrant downtown. 


The EDC has had great success implementing the plan and in June 2014 won a Texas Economic Development Recognition Award.

"Pegasus provided the in depth research and analysis that was needed to develop our first Economic Development Strategic Plan. The amount of time and the variety of people Pegasus worked with on this project made the adoption and community buy-in process run smoothly."

Ann Miller, Executive Director

Buda Economic Development Corporation


State of Mississippi, 8 Counties


Our Healthcare Industry Zone Plans are guided by two central tenets: healthcare improvement and economic development. The premise of the plan is that these two tenets are mutually beneficial to the residents and businesses in the region, and that an action-ready plan focused on these tenets can turn ideas into realities--representing a turning point in the region’s health and economic trajectory. This plan seeks to capitalize on existing assets and utilize State of Mississippi incentives to bolster the region’s healthcare industry by attracting new development, creating jobs, and improving both the access to and quality of healthcare. 


City of Cleburne, Texas


For the past several decades, Cleburne was a sleepy town of 25,000 people located on the periphery of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With the coming development of a new toll-road network, Cleburne’s population is expected to double in the next ten to fifteen years. The City hoped to capture this area growth to strengthen and revitalize their downtown into a vibrant, commercial and cultural hub connected to area road and transit networks.


We were hired to analyze the existing market conditions and economic drivers to determine how much projected growth and market potential could be captured downtown.  Based on our economic and market analysis, and by making recommendations related to urban design and priority reinvestment zones, Cleburne’s downtown will remain the heart of the community.


City of Austin, Texas


Austin is a community renowned for its thriving arts community. Musicians, painters, filmmakers, and other creative types are the heart and soul of the city, and our goal is to serve not only this key population, but to improve the experience of place for all residents in our hometown. Our survey seeks to analyze the current housing needs and affordability status for Austin's creative sector, and to make recommendations to the city based on data and our findings. Our activism, along with that of many of our partners and housing organizations, aided in the passage of a $65 million affordable housing bond election in October 2013.

"The study provided was so "right on" that a sense of urgency has been created and there is a very useful tool now to use in our endeavers."

Michael Strotheide, Executive Director

City of Palacios Economic Development Corporation

Amarillo, Texas

Pegasus is creating various industry studies to aid in the transformation of Amarillo Community College into a multigenerational hub for industry growths.


Pegasus has recently created an Innovation Hub Study. Currently, we are concentrated on the Amarillo College Workforce Development and Housing. 

The Amarillo College Workforce Development and Housing study analyzes growth in various industries such as transportation, professional jobs, and construction and extraction. This analysis is relevant to the overall Master Plan, as it considers industry growth that will require specific development and certain types of job opportunities. .

Weatherford, Texas

Pegasus is currently analyzing market feasibility for a Private Developer in Weatherford, TX, which is a part of the Fort Worth Worth market. Pegasus is creating a Feasibility Study that is supporting the landscape architecture and site design work of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper out of their Plano office.