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Meet the team

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Sean Garretson, AICP

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Sean is an Urban Planner, Economic Developer, Land Strategist, Strategic Planner, Facilitator, and Revitalization Expert. He leads a team of planners, analysts and creatives in providing strategic advice and direction to public and private sector clients. 

A transformational experience in Africa with the Peace Corps as well as hands-on development and revitalization experience in East Austin, Texas has helped to shape Sean and Pegasus to become a mission-driven firm focused on making a difference in our communities.

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Cathy Velarde

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Catherine has extensive experience in urban planning, conducting qualitative research, and facilitating public outreach. Catherine has worked with numerous private and public sector clients to create holistic plans which incorporate key stakeholders and the public, resulting in plans which are community driven. Her track record shows that Catherine is dedicated to ensuring that stakeholders are heard and represented in the planning process.

Firm Overview

Pegasus Planning and Development provides urban planning and market analysis services to public and private sector clients. Pegasus has helped hundreds of clients over the last fifteen years understand market opportunities, create economic development strategies, revitalize vacant land or underutilized corridors and downtowns, facilitate strategic directions and achieve visions. 

We are strategic planners with multi-disciplinary backgrounds and hands-on practitioner experience in the economic development, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning. We therefore bring a range of perspectives to identify the most appropriate, actionable, and sustainable solutions to our clients’ most pressing problems. We approach every project with implementation as the goal, so we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success.  


  • The Chicon - ULI President’s Award, "Most Impactful Project of the Year"

  • San Marcos Downtown Plan - Central Texas APA, "Project of the Year"

  • Edinburgh Downtown Plan - Texas APA, "Project of the Year"

  • Cleburne Comprehensive Plan - North Texas APA, "Project of the Year"

  • Northwest North Carolina Economic Development Restructuring Plan     - NADO, "Most Innovative Project of the Year"

past clients

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"From the very beginning dialogue with our organization, Sean provided us with a clear vision and understanding of our needs and capacities. In working later with his team, these same attributes were a common thread in their association with us. The product presented to us was very targeted, meaningful and provided us with definitive takeaways and conclusions that one finds rarely in studies of this nature."

-Michael Strotheid, Executive Director

City of Palacios Economic Development Corporation

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