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Higher education

Pegasus has realized over the course of 20 years of economic development that the one number success factor for communities is a qualified workforce. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the fastest growing and most talented community colleges and universities in the country, several of whom have been rated by the Aspen Institute as the best in class.

Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Campus Master Planning (with our partners)

  • Labor Force Analysis

  • Gap Analysis

  • Industry Advisory Group Creation

  • Business Planning for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers

Past Projects

amarillo college master plan and strategic business plan

Pegasus worked with Parkhill on the Amarillo College Master Plan, focusing on an Innovation Hub Study. Pegasus performed a labor and market analysis, in addition to a workforce development and economic analysis. As a result of the master plan and its recommendations, Amarillo College received a $89 million-dollar bond and a $1.5 million-dollar EDA grant, which will be utilized to fund various phases of the Capital Outlay Plan and Innovation Hub.​


Entrepreneurship, Small Business, & Economic Development Playbook

Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College (EWVCTC) is a two-year college with its main campus located in Hardy County, West Virginia. Pegasus worked with the college to guide small business, entrepreneurship, and economic development efforts through the creation of an implementation playbook. Focusing on agriculture, tourism, and the arts, the playbook provides a plan for the region’s long-term success and economic diversification.

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Workforce-Business Strategy

Pegasus worked as part of a team to help the College of Western Idaho (CWI) create a 5-year Strategic Plan.  ​CWI is the fastest growing College in the US.  Pegasus has worked with Economic Developers and Business leaders in the Boise Region for the last few years on economic development projects, so it was a logical choice to join a planning effort focused on linking CWI’s workforce planning with the economic development and industry projections.  Pegasus’ main role was to collaborate with CWI data and workforce development provosts as well as area business leaders to identify whether CWE’s programs aligned with projected workforce needs in the Boise region.


labor market study and strategic plan

Pegasus collaborated with the MGCCC on two projects: 1) Labor Market Strategy for the electric providers who saw a dwindling electrician labor pool; and 2) the 10-year Strategic Plan for MGCCC. Both projects included a significant amount of data analysis, completion and certification analysis, stakeholder facilitation and planning. The College’s five campuses are spread out over four counties in Southern Mississippi along the coast. Both projects have been implemented and are serving the College and its constituents in achieving success for the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  

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